California county allots bond payout to center

The vote to allocate the $1 million toward a new operations center, which needed a four-fifths vote, passed 4-to-1. Hall opposed.

The $1 million comes from a bond for the Darkhorse development in South County. The developer of that project had a surety bond for the project’s infrastructure. When the developer defaulted, the county received about $3.5 million to complete the infrastructure, said Martin Polt, the county CFO.

About $1 million remains after completing the area’s infrastructure, which supervisors can use toward other projects. They opted to put it toward a new operations center planned for La Barr Meadows Road, Polt said.

The county will issue bonds for that project, which is expected to open in two to three years. The $1 million will help reduce the cost of those bonds, he added.

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