License and Permit Bonds

License and Permit Bonds are bonds required by Local ordinance, State law  or Federal requirements usually as a condition to the granting a license to engage in a business or a permit to exercise a certain privilege that might present a risk to the general public.   Prime examples of this sort of bond are Contractors License Bonds, Excavation Permit Bonds, Notary Public Bonds, Car Dealer Bonds and Legal Document Assistant Bonds.

We have markets for all the above mentioned bonds, however approval and corresponding premium rates are dependent upon financial strength and personal credit rating of all principals/owners.


The application form below is a General Purpose Application that covers most License and Permit bond requests.  Complete all applicable sections and sign as indemnitor.


The California Speedy Application is specifically designed for Tax Preparer, Process Server, Insurance Broker, Defective Title and Notary Bonds.  Complete the appropriate areas and sign the form as indicated.  Premium rates are listed for your convenience.



The Hartford Commercial Surety Application is another All Purpose Application that can be used for any License & Permit Bond as well as Lost Instrument Bonds (i.e. – Lost Trust Deeds or Stock Certificates), Public Official Bonds, Probate or Judicial Court Bonds.  Complete the applicable sections, attach additiional required items (if necessary), sign and witness as directed.